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Dog Minding

Leave & Retrieve carers will welcome your fur-child into their home and treat them as part of their family. Your furry family member will be well fed, walked frequently, cuddled and enjoying their holiday as much as you are. All dogs are encouraged to be a part of our household with access to escape artist proof backyards. 

Wedding Chaperone Services

Would you like your fur-child to be part of your special day?

We will work with you to create a personalised positive and memorable wedding experience for you and your dog.

Dog Walking

Our philosophy for dog walking is to let your dog dictate its own needs. Whether it be an invigorating and high intensity walk or a relaxing 'sniff and smell' in the park, we can accommodate them. We can ensure that your dog will be satisfyingly relaxed after a 30 or 60 minute walk with us.

Leash Training Manners

Is walking your dog stressful? 

Leave & Retrieve can turn dog walks into a relaxing and mutually satisfying walk. We can teach you and your dog some strategies and games to help you achieve your walking goals.

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